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Webinar: Business Incubator Management

Nowadays the understanding of the importance of creating a good innovation ecosystem in universities has been increasingly recognized. The government as a policymaker has issued a set of legislation that encourages universities throughout Indonesia to develop business incubators as one of the actors in the innovation ecosystem. But what are the business incubators? What role do they have in the whole innovation ecosystem in the universities and in the country in general? And what constitutes a good university business incubator and how should they be managed?

These are the questions that should be addressed as a concept in the beginning.

ALTEK, an Indonesian business development and technology transfer institution, has taken the initial steps to elucidate these questions through this webinar.

We proudly invite you to join in the webinar:

Business Incubator Management “How to manage university-owned business incubator”
2nd September 2021, 16:00-17:30 WIB


  • Belinda Büchner – Incubator Manager at Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • Nazmi Ahmad – CEO of
  • Budi Soewondo – Director of ALTEK Indonesia

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