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History of ALTEK

In September 2011, eleven years ago, 30 young people were selected as technology intermediaries (Intertek) by the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology. The 30 youths received training and education on innovation management and technology transfer in Indonesia and Germany. In Germany the youth are separated into 5 internships to gain deeper knowledge. The places are: Berlin, Stutgart, Aachen, Munich and Dresden. In the internship place, the youths learn about science and technology, innovation system, science and technopark, university incubators,  public/private partnership, etc.

Pic. Intertek 2011 at Adlershof

After the training, 30 youths worked as technology intermediaries to contribute to local governments in improving the regional innovation system index (SIDA). These youths are separated into 8 provinces in Indonesia. 2013 the job as Intertek is completed and the youths go their separate ways in life.

In 2016. 14 alumni of intertek reunited and negotiated to create an organization that focuses on technology transfer and business development named ALTEK. The first meeting was held in Yogyakarta on 11 May 2017.

Pic. First meeting of Altek Indonesia


ALTEK seeks to develop and collaborate with actors in Indonesia and from other sectors, both from the private sector and the public sector, to develop a healthy and successful innovation system in Indonesia.

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