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Local Marketing Strategies For Micro Small Companies

Local marketing strategies are a crucial part of the success of any business. For micro and small businesses, it is even more important to focus on local marketing strategies that work for their size and location.

Local marketing strategies for micro small companies should be focused on physical locations, events, and online content.

1.     Physical locationsshallow focus photo of thank you for shopping signage

A company can use their physical location to market themselves by hosting events or making sure that it is well-marked with a good namep-plate and has a good address and website address. The feasibility study must be done first before setting up a local business. Local business have an advantage because their target market is geographically. And if your product brand is well known, it will be easer to retain the customers. Physical location very important for efficiency in marketing. Local people can easily look to the business to buy the products if the location is strategic. One of the tricks companies can use is try to look for places that  have many companies there like the heart of the city or crowds such as malls, markets, developed areas, etc. One of customer behavior is, they like to to buy things from nearby places .

2.     Events

Events are a great way to get people interested in local small business. Hosting an event in your store or inviting people to come try out your product is an easy way to get new customers coming through the doors of your store. The events such as bazaar, live music, life art, takshow, exhibition etc are very interesting for people to attend. Small companies can also link up wih eachother to hold events in strategic location. So the customer can find out what the name and address of the company is.
Small business owner need to be active in the community so that is easier to invite the people to come to the events. Something like free product gifts to the public can also be used as a tool. Small business owner can also offer as speaker for free to speak in community event, so the personal branding of the owner can lifterage the business brand too. An article in local magazine can also be used as a tool.

3.     Online content

Online content can be used as a way to promote products or services. According to data, Indonesia’s internet users are more than 190 milion people. Almost all region in Indonesia have internet access so doing online now is a must for local company. Business can create blogs or social media posts that showcase what you have to offer. Social media platform todays can be a powerfull tool for marketing, it can pay the local influencer or local celebrity to review a business place or products.

Small business can also use to their own website to deliver the content or seek help from any other local website to deliver the messages.  The business also can use ads that useful for local area.

Online content today can be a tool for small business to compete fairly with other business.  One important thing if a business want to apply the online content, it must have a lot of ideas. Ideas for online content can come from the mind of the owner or from someone else in charge of marketing. Online contents can also be used to get feedback from customers on what is working and what needs improvement. There is a common misconception that customer feedback is only useful when it includes criticism, but this isn’t true. Many businesses have found that positive customer feedback helps improve performance and makes for happier employees.

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